Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Prompts 5151-5175 

12 January 2016 - 07:35

5151 There is no way to polish buttons and not have black fingers
5152 Hi there, folks. Slave uniforms to the right, thank-you.
5153 She turns to see lost beauty in the glass
5154 We are thoroughly modern here.
5155 How can you say the rockets are not beautiful?

5156 They can only kill us. Is that so bad?
5157 At the moment, imagine eating a perfect pear
5158 It was a great party full of fat happy girls
5159 Whether they kill or do not kill has nothing to do with their beauty
5160 They will fill the cellars with blood, but we will swim

5161 The deep reason behind spit and polish
5162 Words like ash stuck to a beery table
5163 Stand and leave this desk, go down, and in the street shout, Freedom!
5164 We huddle, wait
5165 and how in bright sunlight, outside the cinema we all rubbed our toe-caps

5166 It is a time when we do not want the sin to rise, or birds to sing
5167 This may not be good, but it is not as bad as elsewhere
5168 Those who bleat deliberately are not sheep
5169 Maybe in 2000 we can try again
5170 We will gather at night and speak quietly

5171 Westminster the Pantomime where everyone is the back end of the horse
5172 I have an ear for this sort of thing, a sense
5173 A wonderful display of neat white crosses. You should be so proud
5174 Dungarees, cigarettes, sticky lungs
5175 Bring knives, clubs, broomsticks, six inch rules, erasers to throw

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