Thursday, January 07, 2016

January Prompts 4926-4950 

07 January 2016 - 23:30

4926 The family at Crabtree Cottage
4927 I have sent a number of queries and require a prompt reply
4928 Risca Pitt
4929 Not a son of Obediah Hodges will go down
4930 Throughout our working lives  

4931 I walked through the cemetery and across the fields
4932 Elephant
4933 Things looked pretty grim
4934 Holiday like a German
4935 The Great Influenza

4936 It is said that Caractacus preached here
4937 They have got 45 dead horses out
4938 My lonely, mud-splashed figure
4939 Many went. Some came back
4940 Good Welsh Flannel

4941 Small Pieces of Light
4942 Second-best home-made jam sponge
4943 These are the lower levels of our mountain
4944 I will be reading in a dangerous way
4945 A butcher's boy from Cross-Keys

4946 There was white gold here, hiding in the hills
4947 Earth, Sky
4948 No, this is the Susan who married Dai the Plumb
4949 Gate receipts, car park charges, donations
4950 The digging was abandoned

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