Saturday, January 02, 2016

January Prompts 4551-4575

02 January 2016 - 06:05

4551 He goes to kiddies parties to shout, "The clown is dead!"
4552 Saturday
4553 A cause, something to prove his worth
4554 Brandishing his qualifications
4555 He has no issues, all is fine within his head

4556 This has quite ruined my day
4557 I see no excuse for merriment, this is WAR, boy!
4558 Fish
4559 The stones are worth a visit but not when the weather is inclement
4560 Sure-footed, big-hearted, loyal

4561 The poor wretch he loved and killed
4562 The sun refused to rise and the stars began dancing
4563 STEEL
4564 I am not sure that love was made to last
4565 My father's eyes close

4566 Cobalt
4567 I realise I am not what you expected
4568 Old women, bench, bottle
4569 I would step lightly, that is how my heart intends
4570 But I can cook and may surprise you in the sack

4571 Let me be unseen, unknown, unloved
4572 What did we do before we loved like this?
4573 Do not trouble yourselves. Let me go.
4574 I like many colours, but no browns thank-you
4575 Our tree have always given shade, but now we know they breathe for us

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