Tuesday, January 05, 2016

January Prompts 4751-4775

04 January 2016 - 18:30

4751 I'm reading this collection of New Blood (Shit)
4752 In 1962, 1961 was only last year, but it got older
4753 What did I do in the war, dad?
4754 You have a gift for judging
4755 He's very polite watching slides of old holidays

4756 It must be understandable to a semi-literate public
4757 It was so hot. I couldn't help it
4758 but some intellectual, artistic whiffs are nice
4759 The slide of the murder is upside down
4760 I stripped off lay on my back and let the sun fuck me

4761 Like a school-girl analysing Proust
4762 Can I hold your Winchester Rifle, Uncle Eb?
4763 Perhaps a metaphor here?
4764 Style is great but don't name it
4765 The view fro Parliament Hill which is nowhere near Parliament

4766 My characters do not age Madam, nor do they shit
4767 That's the trouble with chillies
4768 He was born fifty miles north of San Fransisco
4769 No, mate this really was a UFO.
4770 A horticulturalist of some renown

4771 I believe, briefly, he may have investigated for an insurance company
4772 So I said to Jack, that don't look right, Jack and Jack said he'd fix it
4773 I would say he is good-looking but only passably so
4774 Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
4775 You had your back turned, so I crept right up

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