Friday, January 08, 2016

January Prompts 4951-4975 

08 January 2016 - 19:05

4951 The bomb that made houses grow
4952 In a grain of sand, in a whisper
4953 I do not understand how graves are silent
4954 Aunt Mimi was fine except she was a man
4955 The deafening sound of an eye closing

4956 It must be true, was on the BBC
4957 Seriously did it rain ever, before you were sixteen?
4958 Yemen, and in our name
4959 There are black dreams and white dreams, and dreams that sing with many colours
4960 All the world's on fucking TV, and every fucker's acting

4961 Mad as a bent stick
4962 In my days as a pimp
4963 Blood and bandages, a kind of beauty
4964 It is important that we bury our own, so one day we may return
4965 An Owl crying, swooping over its partner, swooping

4966 Thirty fields and bodies in them all
4967 Jenny stood in the kitchen //  Making a loaf of bread
4968 The nights are almost full; the days are almost full
4969 Before flesh, when other things mattered, after when the memory fades
4970 Every Sunday, we jacked up the marriage and checked underneath

4971 In a street off a bigger street
4972 I might as well live in Carlisle
4973 The wick will chase the flame
4974 The pebble sucks the tide home
4975 Little men, brutal killers, softly spoken friends

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