Monday, January 18, 2016

January Prompts 5426-5450 

18 January 2016 - 05:00

5426 When the doctor pauses
5427 Pathetic snow, no-one likely to die
5428 I remember times when I was so utterly crass
5429 The programmes get in the way of the adverts
5430 Sky, I guess

5431 God in a loaf, heat rising
5432 Of course I'm not, but I would have liked to be
5433 Old soldiers to help, although I'm unsure how
5434 A series of tests and examinations
5435 A swan hissing at my dogs

5436 The man with the golden guitar
5437 Three score plus ten, unless we run out of patience
5438 How we climbed on to the roof
5439 So many books to offload
5440 I don't remember clothes, not sure I remember food

5441 I would do a lot, just to feel again
5442 Squeezed out two grandsons but not much else
5443 How I would need to keep the secret until she graduated
5444 Sudden;y around me, like falling flies
5445 I am five or six or seven, sitting alone by a river

5446 No, I don't go to museums or galleries
5447 Corporal with perfect pleats
5448 I am not wondering why I'm unsupervised
5449 July 30th, 1966
5450 I am frightened that really, I am empty

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