Friday, January 29, 2016

January Prompts 5676-5700 

29 January 09:15

5676 History gets murky
5677 Fat laundresses with beaming smiles
5678 They eye in the candle, the tears in the smoke
5679 Breast of Lamb
5680 The wind can read a book in a second

5681 An old canoe, eaten by worms
5682 Waiting for the pause, the shared, profound cigarette
5683 We are a long way from Africa
5684 The sea is always sly. It is old and cantankerous
5685 The smell of an empty larder

5686 Somewhere in the bowels of night
5687 Quicksand, Quatermass
5688 The hiss of water through the rocks
5689 Waste Nothing
5690 Miles of white sand, dangerous water

5691 The brutal truths of necessity
5692 Straighten your tie, stand taller, and leave
5693 Tablecloth, napkin, cutlery,
5694 The dark smell of stopped rivers
5695 He may have been called John

5696 A love like cold concrete
5697 Soup in a silver tureen
5698 Disappointed fishermen turning for home
5699 Let’s build seventy-three hotels, three casinos
5700 We need something to fight for

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