Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Prompts 5601-5625

26 January 2016 11:30

5601 Recently life has been chocker
5602 They lack a certain redness of blood
5603 Exotic, restless, slightly obscure
5604 A box of expensive Turkish cigarettes
5605 The news is so incredibly bloody

5606 Peasants with a straightforward view of life
5607 I have little news of our friends
5608 That darling, dangerous woman
5609 Leftie poets are far to EARNEST
5610 is it betrayal to make new friends when old ones are abroad?

5611 I find it hard to muster much emotion about some distant islands
5612 A little Proust
5613 I am in a state of extremely nervous self-consciousness
5614 They do not understand or care about politics
5615 The primrose path may be same but it is Goddamn boring, too.

5616 I feel no inclination to settle down
5617 The Russians are winning, at last
5618 Tell me you’re not in the firing line!
5619 It’s frightful, all these killings
5620 I fill my post in a semi-skilled, try-hard sort of way

5621 It all affects me emotionally more than it did
5622 Some Ukrainian truck-driver
5623 The foundation is as sound as ever
5624 I have an odd passion for zebras

5625 This will come. that will come

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