Thursday, June 06, 2013

Prompts 6th June

Seven Uses for a Hedgehog
A bad job, God
A mud-encrusted Land-Rover
But I don't Like It
Gonna go to town
Archangel, Cornelius, Gage
A thorn in the side
 Intimate Gesture, Infinite Jest
Death By Blackcurrant
Sun out, but still dark

Blood Donation session
"I'm here to kill the owner."
How clouds coagulate and darken
How deep?
A Floating Bog
Goodbye to All That, Hello to This
At the violet hour, when the eyes turn upwards
How Not to Read
Cold Comfort
Fruit of the wrong colour
but we drank more there and pawed around a while
But if you DID fall in love with a ghost?
Claudia Sniffer and the Hat of Many Flowers
A Story beginning, "Sometimes though the power will not dissipate...
His tender heir might bear his memory
Tomatoes, Flamingos
I am looking after the family's words
Fecundity Management
A story, “The Seven Ages of Skin”
Friday is Fish
He was a deaf-mute beggar with a black beetle body
Did they speak or sing?
And the money I'd earn from giving such exhibitions
His rapid growth has left him less rugged
Chief Plots Next Step
A false alarm on the east coast this morning
A day for slow fever
All day, all night, all weathers
He used a lot of vowels
How tall is Hitler, and Where Does He Live?
Even your name is ugly
Arrested for Flashing
Eyeless and mouthless

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