Friday, June 07, 2013

Prompts 07 June

My granny read my future, then left the room in tears
Dearest, Dearest Evelyn
Four or five years ago Romance never returns
Bank Holiday Special
Blossom, meet Dearie; Dearie, Blossom
Here is the girl's head
Flowers For The House
Duffy answers back
Her name I may or may not have, made up
Hundreds of women were looking
Hey maybe you haven't hurt me enough, not yet
Frogs and ToadsI am finished for the day
From Merseyside, I reckon
A story beginning, "There's fat and then there's FAT
England Versus Italy
A stocky child with glasses
Dead friends like jewels in my hand.
He spent seven years in solitary, dreaming of fires
How to Get Straight Tens for Crap
I am elated and in despair
After, Tom and the boys at the gate
He doesn't look :
It's hard to imagine love in Thatcham
Getting to the Heart
A Man called Smith
A bloodhound like a sad old judge
A breakfast egg and Otis Redding
'Indeed!" said Mr Jones, "and please -
A fox shitting, a rabbit screams
Because I told you so
Give us This Day
By the Water-Cooler
Big, black and very alpha-Dog
Evan Has a Book
He was much possessed by death, but hearty for all that
Asleep on a razor-blade, trying not to wake
A stocky child with glasses
Final Draught
 Late on a late afternoon
He tried a step, then a step, then a step
Black bees worry the purple flowers
Escalators, ascending, descending
A story beginning, "This isn't easy ...
Gaping holes
Blast From the Past Meets Rave From the Grave

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