Thursday, June 13, 2013

Prompts 13 June

Finis Poland. // Flush Fiction
Collateral damage from holy water
A glass door flashing
Call me when you're sober
Every year you said it wasn't worth the trouble
Green beans, carrots, nuts and bolts
At the opposite end there is no cross-current
Black-White, Pink, Black-White , Green, Black-White, Blue
How sometimes the wind aches for people
Aeroplanes crash. Aeroplanes crash
A banana // Eggs
 The future is hours no matter how heavy
A worn gardener’s hat // Cow Pancake
He burst from the cake, naked
Everything about him was just so
At times, frankly, I find it slim pickings
Duck-Egg Blue with Spiky Bits
CROSS  // Fire-Escape

He cried again, "Wake up,"  // BodyLine
All the women, all the men, hands, silent.
Hey maybe you haven't hurt me enough, not yet
Elsewhere a child was crying
Home is so sad // A Man called Smith
Green, Clean, the Brilliant Machine
Holiday reading // Dogs etc
He spent seven years in solitary, dreaming of fires
Cary Grant and spinach pasta
Data Stick and Burn
Climbing the style with the girls
Claudia Sniffer and the Hat of Many Flowers
Edgar's Exercise Bike
Dirty as a turnip // HALT // Cornflake
Don't always be a thought ahead
 We will not stop trying //  Feel Free
and handed his sword over to the barrera to be wiped
Does God Watch TV (one Channel at a Time?)
It might interest you, it might not
A moment in time for a Cheltenham hero

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