Sunday, June 02, 2013

Blast Day 2. More prompts

Red Herrings, Filleted
All the trees (named flamboyante) are scarlet
and garlic
He discovered Gerdes's paper
Cherie Cherry, Miss Cheerful 1989
 Mebs some bread and margarine sprinkle it with sugar
Dark Blue Jeans, White T-Shirt
Ellen Pugh was without a name in Sion.
Because my mother hurt my father, I will abandon you.
A bird, a quiet song
A Dead Professor, probably male
I am in my workroom but there is no question of work.
An old man sits netting
A Drowning Horse
At noon, in the dead centre of a faith
Ferris Wheel
Amazing Grace
A good name in the cottonwoods
Five Days That Shook the World
A taxi-cabbie going to dinner
Are you still looting?
Above the shops the old facades whisper of ancient sex
Dogs under the desk
It's how good you want to be
All these years and I still don't understand
A brief, fruitless search
Fish and Stones
Dirty little coaster
April is the cruellest month
BC Prompts, Tuesday
Daughter Doesn't Rhyme with Laughter
God Found Living in East Grinstead
A starling frantic, from a blocked chimney
Chuck another Prawn on the Barbie, Bruce
And you, my father
All the donuts have names that sound like prostitutes
Americans, steam-rollers, giant :
Bewildered, frightened, rather wobbly.
A pretty good touch
Every other Sunday they did dinner

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