Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Prompts 4th June

I point to where the pain is, the ache
Homestead, Toothbrush
Flowers in the rain
Because I am not from Barbados
And the last sound, your father arriving home late, late
Groping along the tunnel, step by step
Give me a lover who yanks open the door
His English was hopeless
Enhance Your Retirement, Consider the Options
Black Tuesday, Grey Wednesday
A tractor broke open the grave
From what I remember, he had big ears
Bush Meat and All the Trimmings
Find any postcard and write a story prompted by it.
Black Dog, Red Dog
Crossing the Tracks in Chicago
1,001 Dalmations
Cardigans and Slippers
A story beginning, "When I first saw it in my basement "
A Paternity Issue
Every time I play solitaire my partner beats me
Being a Soldier
He was captured in the valley of the women
Have a cigar
A Most Expensive Mistake
A woman just staring
 The Best of All Possible Worlds
Come lovely and soothing death
A door, five windows
Drawn into far lengthier talks
Four children, fifteen years older
Homage to Spike Milligan, May His Aim Never Falter
He assumed he would, someday
A wife shoved a bayonet into her husband's head
And the flesh of each other
Eating in a public place has been banned
At the waterfall, what rises?
About to hang himself
"I'm here to kill the owner."
Eric's Primal Scream
A one-eyed troll under a one-plank bridge
For 73 days, a sort of light
Shooting at Frogs
Chicarito's Senorita

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