Sunday, June 02, 2013

June Flash Blast More Prompts

Driving age set to rise
Free Child Voucher
Glow in the Dark
Cats are contradictions
cover crop
All kinds of places, all sorts of people
Fear cannot save us
And fish move in the water
and from the sky a rushing of wings
Chicken, road, that sort of crap
Arrested for Flashing
Hill Walking With iPod
After that it was a little easier
After that I seemed to see him all the time
His teeth like gravestones
Eight out of Ten Cats Prefer
A Cambrian Way
Don’t give it a thought
Eyes dumb with sadness
A thorn in the side of our field
Day Zero
A Camel in the garden
How Cellophane Crackles
A bad-tempered building
Q. Could you kill a man? A. Eventually...

Dear Doctor X, if I may call you that.
Perhaps I should introduce myself.

Consider one more option
He would not look at her
Five pence for your thoughts
Blackcurrant Soup
Calcutta Pullulating With its Poor
A miracle, waking
Frost on Sunday
A story ending, "and that's the story of my life."
A Few Too Many Beans
Allowing for wind
Bloody men are like Lambrettas
Once a river
A quiet, handsome boy
Everything about him was just so
How Plaster Dries

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