Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prompts 20 June

Minutes early for Neighbours
Here I am on the Brighton Line
How it might have been
Diesel is not Petrol, and Vice Versa
A penny for the Black Babies
Cheese, but then again why not?
Discovered, There WAS a Garden of Eden
Black Duty
A story beginning, "I have a story for you ..."
Cleaning the Giraffe's Neck
Blue-backed, silver-bellied, half-imagined things
He tried a step, then a step, then a step
Gravity of the Soul
Cars stopped on the Hythe-Folkestone road.
Hide behind trees, climb into wardrobes
and I resumed the struggle -
Blank Screen task
A card game where a nose was broken
Damn this place
A Child of Our Time, in Time
Even before I've left I long for this place
Aunties are fat, or stand like brooms, they are never in-between

Something fluttered briefly
He has dangerous tools in bulging pockets <<<
Big isn't it? <<
Green bananas <<
He doesn't like apricots, or porridge
As soon as i opened my eyes I started wondering
Footfalls on the crazy lighted street
Evan governed his anger
Behind it all, somewhere, little people working all night
Friction Fiction
History is passing, LISTEN
A story, “The Seven Ages of Skin”
Grass remains or grass comes back
He was microwaving the cat when the spaceship landed
Don't talk to me of love, I've had an earful
A story beginning, "It's so red, all red, the world is red. Red Red Red.
0-2 at Home
Crumbling cities and galloping horses
Counting and counting and counting
Growing grimmer by the minute
Adventures in the World of Cheese
Charlie's Ears

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