Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prompts 16 June

Less is More
Chin up, duck! There are always people worse off 
 A bottle of diabolical wine 
Has explored Amazon in search of Col. Fawcett
Despatched with a mattock 
How can I get a sense of country? 
Darkness like tunnel walls 
After that it was a little easier 
Fiddle Widdle Tiddle Diddle
Fair cop
Asparagus Syndrome
Ferret-Face Fred and the Mystery of the Gas-Leak
Gimme Gimme Gimme
A white and shapeless mass. 
I stood at the window, crying 
Gina shot to fame
After the shipwreck, the reef and pretty fishes
A difficult man 
Do not stand at my grave and laugh 
he showed me some of his gold teeth - 
And arriving with the light, there she is 

From stones and poets, know this…
I smell her, they say it is cheap, I smell Tweed
Because you didn't go. It's because you never left. 
Come lie to me and be my love
After a hammering of light 
Everyone suddenly burst out singing 
Handymen and Dustmen's Mates
His staring glass eye 
Colander, sieve 
A banana
Fuck off back to where you came from
A Week in December
A face, and in her eyes, stars
How she sews. 
Before she was a virgin 
Dear Brother : 
I am able to give you certain advantages now.
He has been walking a long time 
Families, Tribes, Nations 
Deep, far off, in the strangest pits 
At least I'm not a fish
Choosing Between Grey and Puce
Hello, my babies
Cross my palm with SILVER 
Black, Blacker, Blackest

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