Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Prompts 5th June

England Versus Italy

He strode young, into the landscape of old age

Bird Flu and Albert Johannsen

Clearing a path through the snow

How she would applaud; how everyone would.

How to Cripple Your Children

Did you pack your bag?

How We Lived Then

And nothing to instruct me to forget

His eyes flickered with resentment


Charming! Fucking charming.

Green-Top, Occasionally Red, Trying to Remember Jersey


Dust drifted from under the cottonwoods

And then the lighting of the lamps

Bored by BASS

A sky like smoked glass, and a smell like steel

Fecundity Management

Chimney Cheese

He didn't have a belly-button


For quality control purposes, calls may be recorded


Hostile Interview With Self

A friendship that's offensive to your bishop

Bye Bye Baby

I am in possession of Possession

And always tucked his daughter up at night

Brian Charles Rocks & The Kindergarten Plan

For the difference that sets an old phrase burning.

And so, bed?


A story beginning, "I would prefer not to write about this, but..."

A Chunk of Bread Pudding

Fatal Error

Chin up, duck! There are always people worse off

Friday on My Mind

For Love of Old Men

A story ending, "and some of that may be true

Cleaning the Giraffe's Neck

Coloured light played on his face

Bobby worked there in a small office

Got ten cartons of cigarettes in Karachi :

Adam's Dropping

Double your money

Acorn, Tree

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