Saturday, June 01, 2013

June Flash Blast Prompts 01

He loved her and she loved him 
After the Fox
From the sunset far at the end of the street. - 
Cleaning the Giraffe's Neck
Facts, stories. repeated rumours and gossip 
 Georgie Williams' Bayonet
Bright Green Suit, Red Shirt, yellow Tie, Shame about the Blue Shoes
He pauses from his work to wet his scythe 
First you gets a sunny day, then you gets a girl
Fuck April. It is crueller to be alone in August
A Royal Blessing
Google "Precision Fart until you find something that blows you away
 Mr Daley
He did not know the Holy Ghost
Finis Poland.
A peculiar quick movement
Her promises took the top off his skull 
Diesel is not Petrol, and Vice Versa
And pick my nose, and eat the little balls
But no man can deny me a penny
Ellen died and her son bound her with sacks 
Daisies, cowpats 

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