Saturday, June 01, 2013

June Flash Blast Prompt Set 3

I have been having these dreams
Did you expect less of a reaction?
Hundreds killed, thousands arrested.
He stopped and went indoors
Do I dare eat a peach?
Aunties are fat, or stand like brooms, 
they are never in-between

A pretty good touch
Bracken, Gorse
As we made love for the third day running, 
as it rained and rained

I am considering eating your budgie
Bright Eyes, Burning Like Fire
A small airfield in North Africa
An almost-fitted bell
He looked sweet, he did look sweet
Hen Night in Brighton
How many candles?
A confederacy of the delusional
Crodws watched a U-boat hunt from the Leas.
He let tears fall and wandered off alone
A mockery of insects
Girls' School
The First Green Chicken
Americans Don't Torture And Other Fairy Tales

A Little More on What Matters
A story beginning, "I'm going to tell you nothing 
you don't already know …"
And once, on No-Name Beach, you remember?
Fine silk but fraying
Free of charge
Henry the Ninth
A grey curl of smoke
How paint flakes then lifts
Cary Grant and spinach pasta
Alleyways, winding like tedious argument
Bloody men are like bloody tractors
As certain as waves
Big isn't it?
A story of lunches and love
A joyless fire
Call our new number, shown here
Feel Free
His heart is a place with the lights gone out
An Empty Room
Grey Beauty
After, throw away my clothes
His heart was filled with the glory of Sion

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