Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prompts 11 June

Tapioca, Semolina, Spaghetti And Other Trees
and an earlier batch, posted at some unGodly hour
Either lunch or dead soldiers 
I am irrevocably opposed to marrying anyone
A lonely old mother died 
But now I had this expert before me
David Time's view of himself began at the station platform, his polished boots. 
Bird Flu and Albert Johannsen
Barbara From Bristol
Because they walk : 
By noon something will be dead
Blessed are, blessed are, blessed are 
And beneath it all, a small dignity. 
A young man from the country
Droop of fallen breasts
Has anyone seen my sky? 
Hearing shingle explode, seeing it skip 
Calcutta Pullulating With its Poor
Blue Ice

Bounce Bounce Bounce
But you, of all people, should not 
Charlie's Ears
His gradual ease 
Groaning, as though he was hauling the whole earth 
Experts and other liars
For sheer dependability give me "Craven A"
Because one feels, sees, and must speak 
His donkey-jacket on the kitchen chair 
Basking in misery
How different it might have been if he hadn't bolted in terror last September.
Dandelion & Burdock, Another Kid's Bike 
 A story beginning: "Switch on, and
Cream and Shit Rises to the Surface
Earlobes, Nipples, Navels
For I have known them all already, known them all 
A Cambrian Way
His daughter is different, toast is different
Bobbing closer, yellow-pointed, painted wooden shoes
Clocks, Watches, Time
Google "Flash Madness" until you're tweaked by some idea
He wore a white shirt with long, light blue cotton slacks
Autumn in California, mild, anonymous 
Girl With an Earring, Pearl

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