Saturday, June 22, 2013

Prompts 22 June

Dandelion & Burdock, Another Kid's Bike 
All things must close, and it wash over
His men : 
Everyone suddenly burst out singing
How Not to Read
Black Duty
An annual general meeting underground
Fuk Mi Shoes (Chinese Cobblers)
A movie-star of Marilyn’s magnitude
Crossing the Tracks in Chicago
Google "THR65 and follow links until you are "prompted"
Black-Hearted Jake
Had we but world enough and time
Here is a nice stone and costly
A girl with her back to me, a girl on fire
Adam's Dropping
Children love wheels
A Penny for the Black Babies
First rehearse the easy things
Because you didn't go. It's because you never left.
All Alone
A chance to go to London 

They took my life and threw it on the skip -
Google "Archimedes, Sex" until you're tweaked with a story
Final Draught
Death By Blackcurrant
He always wore one glove, carried the other
Face It, the Boy Done Wrong
Hearts Foundation Course
Bloody Murder
A man riding horseback raises dust
A call from London
By writers, speakers, preachers
After The Funeral
Burdekin became noisy about the clinic.
By Developing New Systems
And what I shall assume, you may also assume
Dog in a bath
Grey and Nearly GREY
He was sitting on a bench at the foot of Moel Cadwgan
he was knocked down by a rabid dog, bitten ten times
Daisies, cowpats
A buzzard watches
Black-Hearted Jake

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