Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prompts 19 June

The effortless gadgetry of love
After knowledge how can there be forgiveness?
Germany and Russia have divided up Poland.
And women dawdling through delights
After the relatives had gone
1,620 Minutes, 1,620 Minuets
He was not short of courage, just discretion
Find any postcard and write a story prompted by it.
Angel of the Great White Way
 I remember you like an old soft chair
Feeling the too-blue blaze of noon
Has anybody seen my sky?
But she is halting :
Dogs barked for me
First time, ever I saw your face
How we pretend
He loved her and she loved him
And lead us not into liquidation
and put back in its case
A starling frantic, from a blocked chimney
Blue 7, Blue 17
Bombe Surprise
Angels on Earth

Most of us smile at the machine-gunners; it’s so personal.
Who let the dogs out?
We will not stop trying
But for now, yes, there is wire
Friday is Fish
A stitch of want below the throat
Dark With Excess of Light
Crowded by Ghosts
Finding the presence of the other difficult
Black, Your Heart
He stepped forward, partly concealing the man
Brewer's drays
He wore a white shirt with long, light blue cotton slacks
A small dark dot, someone is waving
A story beginning. "You put yer left leg in
Nobody heard him
A story beginning, 'Last time I saw her, she was wearing white'
And so it ends
A story beginning, "OK so I have pointy ears and a tail, but apart from that
An Ulcered Eyeball
A Cambrian Way
Avro Lancaster Owner's Workshop Manual

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