Friday, October 27, 2006

Woohoo, a POYM (and Prompts)

Prompts can be amazing things.

I was just posting a random set of prompts, lines of poetry (sometimes bastardised) odd single words, whatever, when I typed TWO WORDS, instantly had a poem, wrote it (well, the first draft) and then continued with the prompts.

I'm up to 29 items for the month, 32,552 words in 21 writing days and it's all OK at least


A Faint Light Blinking in the Bering Strait

Small Boy, Yellow Shirt, Football

A Thousand Missiles Firing From Their Buried Silos

Other Day I'm Reading the Newspaper

Acid Rain

Ten Miles Above the Tits at St Tropez

Milk Bottles

900 Fucking Channels

Calcutta Pullulating With its Poor

At a Motel in Nanton, Alberta

They Had to Lift Her Hand From the Bedside Telephone

Those Stars We Hope to Drink Beneath Tonight

Men Armed With Nineteenth-Century Rifles

I Sing the Song of Myself

Sceptical of the Cult, Suspicious of the Nation

What Innocence? Whose Guilt? What Eyes? Whose Breast?

The Name of the Product I Tested is LIFE

The Daughters of Albion Arriving by Tube

I Was Run Over By Truth One Day

I Came Upon a Child of God, Walking Down the Road

There Was a River Overhung With trees

My Alarm Clock Screams

Nothing Was Said Until the House Grew Dark

Tanks From America, Machine-Guns From France

Each Man Wears His Suffering Like a Skin

In Parliament, Not All Humbug By Any Means

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