Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Diary October 4th

04 October

Still can't shake this cold, dammit! Frustrated this morning. Want to fly into a story, the story I finally got round to yesterday, got 1,400 words in but had to go out. 98/100 stories I write the draft in one sitting. This one was very much a MOOD story so now I have to try and recapture that mood. I bet a judge will see the join. The story was inspired by a single image in a Stephen Dobyns poem.

School run shortly (two minutes ago) and then it's via Borders for a stack of textbooks for the Twentieth Century Literature Course in 2007 and a German course starts November 06.

Oh and to compound the life-gets-in-the-way-of-writing thing, I have to bag up Seventh Quark today. My HOPE is that come 09:15 I can blast out this story, THEN do all that admin, but if form is repeated i'll get back from the S-R and Borders and go brain-dead.

At least I wrote 1,400 words yesterday and at least the story is promising.

I see I have two publications today at Eclectica (with three other BC stories)

and I have a couple of reprints in the "comp winners" section of 7Q, though of course I can't count thoose as hits.

It still frustrates me how hard it is to get material that is above mere competence, hence we often have a lot of comp-winner reprints.


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