Sunday, October 22, 2006

Football, Bridge, CIN

Up early, Mrs working today, but me, a tough time, lunch out with my daughter and then off to see Reading v Arsenal.

Will I cope?

But I have a story to finish so was up at 0700.

Trouble is (near-fatal for me) I broke after 2500 words and now I can't FEEL the story. I strive to write all my story drafts in one sitting. When I don't the story usually sucks. The only time I can remember a real success with a two-siting story is The Card which placed 4th in The Bridport Prize.

But (and this is the REAL point). You get it done anyway. You make the story finish. Don't get into the habt of unfinished work. It gets to easy to repeat.


Played Bridge yesterday (pard and I still qualified as non-experts) and going into the last round we were 11th, (second non-expert pair) on the same percentage as the guy who had the most gold points in the UK last year. (We were on oxygen). Then we blew the last round, losing 19-1 (oops) and dropped to 28th (4th N-E-P) of 136 pairs.

Question, do we think it had anything to do with the bottle of wine over dinner, or are we still out of our depth? Ended on 61% when our target at these places is to beat 50%...


Will take place again MONDAY NIGHT (23rd)


A Green Diary

Just Now the Lilac is in Bloom


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The woods are lovely dark and deep

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And I was green and carefree, famous among the barns


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Greenstone Park

The sea is calm tonight

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

When I am a very old man I shall wear yellow Lycra

And he felt in his heart their strangeness

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Where the wind is like a whetted knife

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I Have been so great a lover, filled my days

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