Monday, October 30, 2006

Prompts etc

I thought I'd be away Monday-Tuesday so busted a giut over the weekend to try and hit 40K for October,

Bugger! now I'm on 41.5 K with three days left. That means I need to aim for 45K and 50K

Or maybe I'll sleep

I've been up 3 Hours 15 minutes (but finished primaries)

her y'go


There is no chapel on the day, on which they hang a man

To hell with the dogwood

I forget, I forget, but I know that I was born

I saw Savold fight Billy Conn (unless I've got the names mixed)

Honey, Money

The social life here is limited but odd

Reviews are balls if you ask me and never to be trusted

That Whitsun, I was late getting away

Your letter came today, parachuted food to my jungle

Have you read Comrade Steinbeck's latest?

He was always very upset about the dead and blood and what-not.

It seems to me unbearable in every line that the man killed himself for no personal failing or despair

Picklepot, are the childies having fun?

Have a good time in the army darling

I have been writing every day fiercly all day

My cats are very good to me but unfortunately cannot read

This afternoon mother comes

Will spoily you like goat

My typewriter is broken so I am in Max's office

Your wisdom is more apparent to me every day

Now the colour is terrible

What year at Bryn Mawr

No letters in 1947

i dug this grave with my teeth

Age doesn't matter unless you're a cheese

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