Friday, October 13, 2006

Can't Stop The Hits Rolling In!

Not sure when the last update was but a hit for TomC at Dogmatika, andother for Caroline at Bewildering Stories, and best of all, TWO hits form very new Boot Camper DMW, one at Hiss Quarterly and the other in Print Mag "Trail of Iniscretion'

Takes us to 185 for the year, so hopefully we should at least break through the 200 mark in '06.

And what am I doing here instead of sitting at the pool reading short-stories?

The coffee machine was out. You think I can survice at 0600 without coffee?

Oh and a little aside

Today they launch a TWO-YEAR INVESTGATION into Primary Schooling

The prof leading the investigation appears on radio

30 Seconds later the interviewer says

And so The Grannie's Army (parents who can help) did that work?



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