Friday, October 06, 2006

Question For You...

06 October 11:25

The life of a writer? Late night last night, then up after four hours sleep to take son to swimming. Read some of The Ghost Road while waiting the hour (so not TOTALLY non-productive) then rush back home for a quick turn-round and take kids to school.

So far so bad.

But I have to drive past Borders...

I mean I CAN'T just "drive past" Borders. I need a solid German Grammar book anyway, and it's the last day of their student 20% discount...

but it's only twenty-to-nine so I have to wait. Ah-hah! Like a very clever person I HAVE BROUGHT A BOOK TO READ so I read the introduction to Thirties Poetry (and immediately get two story cues, woohoo)

Nine o'clock comes round but it is absolutely PISSING down, so I put the seat back slightly, keep reading, waiting for the rain to ease off. It increases. It starts cas and dogs but now it's tiger, lions, jackals and then Elephants and Rhinos (we'll have flooding later)...

I'm feeling drowsy.

I wake, coughing, (crap on my lungs) not sure how long I slept but there's a break in the HEAVY rain so I dash into Borders, get the book I need (and six others, well it IS the last day of the discount...)

Robert Graves Goodbye To All That
Donald Barthelme Sixty Stories
Ferbnando Pessoa The Book of Disquiet
Patrick Cavanagh Collected Poems

and a couple of German books

Seems sensible I have a coffee and a BLT (I can look at the Kavanagh) and eventually I buy the books and leave for home.

Time of writing 11:33

Now have I wasted my morning or not?


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