Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cally Has a Blast

Got up this morning to FOUR hits from Cally T in Boot Camp, two stories accepted for the excellent Espresso Fiction (and Cally earns $60 and a story each on two different competition shortlists, results TBA.

Takes us to 189 hits for the year.

Here are Saturday Morning's First Set of Prompts

(posted at 00:50 to beat Lee)

Trailer Park Boys

Bottle Bottom Glasses

Sticky Tape Sagas

Poor Sailor, Running For His Life

The Fifteen Year Lay-Off

A Little Excessive Force Here and There

No, but I'll Keep an Eye Out

An Inconvenient Truth

Has reason to believe

Got to fix these kitties

One, two (three) four and more

Electric Sheep

Lee was posting at 04:14 (bet he thought he was first in)

Dirty Blackleg Miner

The Whitby Boy

Oh to see me aged father a-trembling at the bar

My love has gone across the sea

Fisherman's Blues

On Kileder Side

Time has told me

Lads of Alnwick

Poor Kitty Lake

She moves about the fair

The Black Crow Knows

The Ballad of the Durham Gateman

Two Tall Trees

Jog Along Bess

Just another diamond

Wine for the women who made the rain come

Have a good day

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