Sunday, October 08, 2006

Juicy Argument, and Some Prompts

Diary, Sunday

Knew I was out around 10_15 until 4PM so rose early to get a short written (ho ho ho) but then got involved in a juicy, contentious crit-thread in Boot Camp (Moral: never log on until you've written your story!)

One of the best features of Boot Camp is that we do NOT "agree to disagree".

I teach that the very idea of agreeing two opposite opinions of a story is STUPID. Argue, discuss, fight, rip crits to pieces, point out bad reading etc. THIS story doesn't matter (and we don't workshop pieces) but we learn from the ARGUMENT.

So there are two stories with 4+7 crits respectively but 30+ posts in each thread. All the thers are totally wrong (of course) and I'm right (goes without saying) but there are diamonds in the discussion, sparks of knowledge in the clash of swords.

And we never attack EACH OTHER.

It's cool.

Oh and apparently I have missed logging another BC first prize.

PROMPTS for Sunday Morning

In the distance of a blink, the length of a gasp

Wassa Metaphor?

A Rusty Hinge

Tick-Tock, I'm a Clock

After the Revolution

Rink-ee-Dink, Sha-la-la

for there could be no doubt of his sex

A Late Chinese

the most tempetuous flutter of excitement


For it was tickling to hear about things like that


Uncle had come to her elbow


The boy first; his name was Yusuf


soon enough and at the agreed time


a merry little surge of electricity

The Hill

Throw away the child, keep the afterbirth


still trees and bushes growing


something a little strange, that's what you notice

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