Sunday, October 08, 2006

He Shoots, He Scores!

It's turning into a half-decent day!

Had to go out this morning, then take the boy to play soccer, so worried, "When will I get time to write today?"

PS If someone asks if you are a writer and you're not sure how to answer, the test is simple. If you wake and the first thought is "When will I find time, today, to write?" You're a writer!

Anyway, PJ played 2/3 of the game, had the best game he's had for a long long time, made one brilliant header, two brilliant passes and scored a goal.

So far so very good.

The I returned home, empty of ideas, pulled up the morning's prompts, and BINGO, wrote, not a flash but a 2,600 word STORY

That's two stories and two flashes this month and I am mt 1,069 words ahead of averaging 1,000 words a day (and I started wih two blanks)

First has to come belief, then determination

after that eveything is possible

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