Thursday, October 05, 2006

Diary 5th, and Prompts

05 October

Went to bed at 0200 (not a good idea) last night/this morning and before getting into bed read this story to "ready myself".

Woke at 0615 but made the mistake of answering my emails instead of diving into work (bad bad bad bad boy) so now it's 0700, time soon to wake the kids and it'll be 08:30 at best before I get round to the story.

Now, (cough) is there a moral to this story?


Some Wear Blue Hats, Some Red


Before the Children Rise


It is Better Not to Have Loved and Lost


Champion the Wonder Chicken Lays a Plastic Egg

Jeremiah, Jonah

Incoming, Think of it as Heavy Rain

A Good Stoning

The Man Unluckily Killed When His Zippo Deflected a Bullet Into His Heart

Tits & Bollocks

I am Sailing, But Eventually I Will Hit the Ground


Dial or Push-Button?

Samantha Smith and Her One Good Thing

God's Walk-Off

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