Tuesday, October 10, 2006

18:05 Prompts

Evening of Prompts on the hour for CIN Practice

email stories to alex or lexie

ideal time for flash 30-60 minutes

maximum time for flash 75 minutes


Please reply (at 1800) if you are in)

Grrrrr... I cut and pasted 15 readied prompts and manage to lose the lot!



A Border-Line Case

Each ancient, stone-necked minute of love's season


The rector clenched his fists, and swore that God exists


The Breakthrough

Saturday afternoon and Dai Griffiths sits with his finger-polished roll-up tin.

A Noise Like Living

It is Winter, lightless morning, here in the shallow city, soundless and shipwreck-grey, the tarmac pavements are slept still, glistened with frost, deep and breathing, and beyond my window's sightless eye, the shuddered, huddled, common trees, stuttering towards the sea, the sadrack, greyslack trawler-slapped sea.

She Was Still Intent Upon the Menu

The proprietor spread out his hands in a gesture of regret


I always think, you know, that it’s like being on stage.

When Shelagh Awoke the Sun Was Streaming into her Room

or Google: woman beach 456

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