Friday, October 20, 2006

Prompts For Insomniacs

Night Out Tonight, came in wrote a flash to add to todays, 2.5K sstory

Here are a set of flashes for those without beds to go to.

A Word to the Wise, said Richard

The Highwayman

Dorky Dorky Dorky Dorky Dorky Dorky

Here I am, sweating, sick and hot

The Difference Between Loss and Grief

Call the Super

When Fishes Flew and Forests Walked


She Walks in Beauty, Like the Night

Eaten Alive

From Troubles of the World I Turn to Ducks

In a Wooded Valley

The Wind Was a Torrent of Darkness Among the Gusty Trees

Please Don't Hang Him While I'm There on Holiday

What Passing Bells For These Who Die as Cattle?


Whose Woods These Are, I Think I Know


The Wnter Evening Settles Down

Selling Pyramids

Escape From Bridgend

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