Sunday, January 01, 2006

Office Work

Up sickeningly late (08:30) and setting up admin for 2006 in BC.

But not until I had posted flash prompts and written a flash myself. If you take one tip only from this blog, take this: Write something before you log on. Get a flash written, or 1,000 words of a story, or two pages of that novel. The internet has a way of sucking up time. I know too many people who WERE writers but now only talk the talk and/or edit magazines or lead forums.

I'm a WRITER, first and always. Sure I teach, I get into heavy arguments, I take photographs, I follow my soccer team, but I'm a WRITER and I'm defined by writing, submitting, publishing.

By the way, this is the chapel I'm trying to buy. It will be a home/writing school in Wales with lovely views of the sea, and 100 yards from a tiny railway station and the line to Maccynlleth and Aberyswyth. At the moment, when I teach F2F I do it at Kingfisher Barn, In Newbury Berkshire, or in three log cabins in Bronaber, Trawsfynydd. There's room on a course coming up which runs in the week beginning 16 Jan, BTW.

The view from the chapel

I say "trying to buy" because the building society has been dicking about and the money is still not there. Eventually two of the log cabins will go to fund the Chapel (very nice BTW and produce good income, a steal at £54,000 each) but it's a sod sitting on capital and dicking about with job's worth's who chant, "Computer says, No!"

Doesn't anyone THINK any more?


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Alex Keegan said...

Not BETWEEN them.

If you look at the map and find Dollgellau and then go WEST, the road goes two sides of the river, right, (the North side) goes to Barmouth; left/south goes round the coast to Fairbourne, Llywngwril, Llangelynnin, Rhoslefain, Llanfedigaid, Brycrug, Twyn, Aberdivey, Aberdyfi, Cwrt, Pennai, Machynleth

The Post Code LL37 2JU entered into Google Local comes up on the Post Office in Llywngwril, and that's next door to the chapel.