Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lots of Work & Another Little Hit

An incredibly heavy day setting up various things for 2006 and dealing with the admin for two new Boot Campers.

But the good news is Seventh Quark Magazine now has an on-line presence and I've started a zine-blog for quality flashes (while, of course, BC trundles on). Recent BC Signee "Nightwriter" tells us she's had a poem accepted by new zine Green Silk

012 Stories
027 Flashes
070 Submissions
006 Hits
015 Rejections
002 Paper Publications
012 Web Publications
014 Total Publications
001 First Prizes
001 Runner-Up Prizes
000 Third Prizes
001 4ths, HRs, Named Finalists
003 Total Prizes and Named Finals
$385 Payments to Date

Personal Stuff

But maybe it means something to writers.

Until yesterday we were the "proud owners" of a BMW X5. Well, actually it was Debbie (my wife)'s Company Car and VERY old. We had to return it and take "something" and ended up with a mini! Talk about "from the sublime to the ridiculous".

We had to do it though. If you want to write what you believe in and not sell out as a cheap local journalist or something, you have to be incredibly lucky and a genius (and I ain't lucky) to make a living. Down-sizing the car will save us about £200 a month. (We're still trying to downsize the house.)

Expect a few anti-gaz-guzzler stories from me now.

How could ANYBODY drive a 4 x 4? Don't they CARE about the planet?


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