Sunday, January 08, 2006

Portmadoc is CLOSED!

Had to travel to Wales (God's Country) Friday Night, returning early Monday morning ( few bits of maintenance on some log cabins in Snowdonia, and we managed to sell one!)

I had been feeling guilty because two Boot Camp stories had received nine critiques but not my crit. So Friday night I stayed up critiquing (wired from driving fast through the night) and on Saturday I drove into Pormadoc to arrive for 9AM.

There's an Internet Cafe, and your hero was going to post some crits while away. The place was DEAD and the Internet Cafe (I was informed) would open at 09:30. By ten it was still closed and I realised my informant hadn't specified AM or PM.

Good deed scuppered.

But we had an efficient weekend installing a computer and printer into one of the cabins (perfect for a writer's retreat, folks!) and met some friends for lunch and took them to see the chapel, or CAPEL BETHEL to be precise.

When we first saw this place and stepped inside it OOZED feeling. It's full of character and loads and loads of rich wood. I can't wait to bring it back to life and spend time there with friends, or reading and writing.

The minstrel's gallery is lovely, the stairs up perfect. The front of the gallery (is balustrade the best word?) is a piece of turned wood that would cost thousands to buy.

There's an organ there too and young Philip Cave played Phantom of the Opera for us on it!

Look at the WOOD!

Came back to another small hit for a very new Boot Camper ("Issy") who has just managed to place a flash from the Childrenn in Need Night.

By my reckoning that's 34 flashes (at least) that have now been placed.

Back to Normal Monday


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