Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Early: A Few Flash Prompts

Feel free to borrow BC's early-morning flash-prompts today. Eyeball these, then write for 50-70 minutes. Don't think, respond. Let your unconscious play.

Tidy it later!

A Fight to End All Fights

The Well

Mummy, Mummy, Don't Throw Me Down the Lift-Shaft, Lift-Shaft, Lift-Shaft

The Subtle Art of Friction

Tomatoes, Flamingos, Lemmings & Other Interesting Facts

Walking to the Sun

A story beginning: "Sometimes it's best to just say it's over

Communal Birthing

A Dove, a Blood-Red Sky

Champion, The Wonder-Gerbil

Black-White, Red; Black-White, Red.


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