Friday, January 06, 2006

Away for a Couple...

The BC gang have just hit 42 Flashes and 150 Flash crits for the year (and 11/72 Stories/Story Crits).

222 Critiques, and something to learn from every one of them

The treadmill never stops!

I have a feeling, however that things will slow down soon, but we can't be too unhappy with 74 subs by January 6th and 53 new pieces, that will soon be going out.

For my sins I have to shoot to Wales tonight, sort out one of the log-cabins, then rush back for my son's big soccer game on Sunday. I LOVE it up there, but not when I drive there (four hours) and 30 hours later, drive back.

Hey I found an old shot of a few Boot Campers at a Kingfisher Barn (Newbury) Course.

After this meal we started talking about some great short stories and I got started on "The Ledge" by Lawrence Sargeant Hall.

I ended up blubbing.


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