Monday, January 09, 2006


No hits to report today but the Boot Campers are writing faster than I can critique, and critiquing faster than I can log the crits.

(I always log things because that way nobody can cheat.)

It's amazing how much harder people THINK they have worked than the actuality.

Facts are cool.

9th January and we have passed 260 critiques. Admittedly 190 of them are skimpy feedback on flashes (but we are not a workshop, so that's fine) but the work keeps coming. Just remember a few months down the line when the hits start coming in, that it's nothing more complicated than sheer hard work, good critical feedback, team-spirit and a never-say-die attitude that gets Boot Camp its results.

Another deadline for STORIES on Sunday, and I take a batch with me to Wales [so the punters get heavy-duty crits and (maybe) editorial feedback to compensate for my temporary absence]. Maybe after a lacing they'll wish I hadn't bothered!

Good news on Capel Bethel with everything proceeding smoothly. This time next year I could be teaching from a pulpit (unless someone offers me silly money for it. Some of them go for thousands of pounds!)

I didn't know Llwyngwyril was a surfer's place and still very close to Cader Idris, and there's a chapel just down the road links back to the 7th Century!

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