Sunday, January 15, 2006

Last Set of Frantic Flash Prompts

16 Prompts. Good Luck

This is Harry, Mr Privation Officer

An Officer and a Gentleman (When Sober)

Tea or Coffee? Cocoa? A Kick in the Nuts?

Jasmine Jones and the Delicate Odour Problem


The Philosopher & The Sewage Farm


Casablanca, Lawrence, Just 39 Steps, My Friend

The Power of One

They're Not Hanging Level, Jones

Why It's Obvious God is Welsh and the Devil Was Born in Lithuania

Las Vegas is a Carbunkle

Tarzan and the Tool-Eater Jaguar

The Boys Who Stole the One Ton Safe From the Local Post Office

Life is Just a Towel of Cherries

Blue, By Blenkinsop, Wagstaff White,


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