Friday, January 06, 2006

If On a Winter's Night a Traveller

Crawled in late tonight to another pile of flashes to critique. This is beginning to feel like work. That makes 42 flashes posted in 2006 by the group. I just hope they slow down and stop dieting soon.

Wales looms closer. Here is a picture of near the cabin, last winter...

Another small hit tonight, TomC, until recently "BCFree" but now stepped up to the plate. Tom's flash from the Children in Need Marathon "One Kiss" has been accepted for Smokebox.

I must get around to subbing from my output that night. I have a poem from the night in a competition shortly announcing and I had a story in the Leaf Anthology and one in Eclectica.

But being busy-busy-busy can have the effect of distracting a writer from the act (of writing, editing, submitting) (or is that three acts?) BE AWARE OF THE DANGER!!

Set yourself minimum targets and meet them!

Even if that's only 500 words a day (pre-log, we hope) DO THEM


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Alex Keegan said...

The great thing about prelog writing is (a) it's uncluttered, undistracted, written when the house is quiet and your head isn't filled with crap. (b) if you have 500 words or more under your belt first thing in the morning (and usually the words come fast at this time), then you often get the urge to push on and get a huge word-count day, dig deeper into that novel or write a flash AND a short-story.

If you DO bother to log on to the time-sucker (I mean the web) well at least you do so with a glow of satisfaction.

For those who say they can't, I say MAKE YOURSELF, even if only for a week.