Friday, January 27, 2006

Publication Overload!

Buzzwords was a print mag for 24 Issues
then economics drove it to the web.

Picture by Dave PR

I've just had an email to tell me that Buzzwords 30 is up. There are four Boot Campers gracing the pages (is that a record?) and one ex-Boot Camper (but we don't count exes in our stats).

I Only Want You - Dave Prescott

Manhole Under the Hollyhocks - Alexandra Fox

A Lack of Control - Jason Jackson

Meredith Twp Evans - Alex Keegan

Can I have my tea now?

Correction !

I said there were four Boot Campers and one "ex".

Cancel that, both Vanessa Gebbie and Jan Bradshaw are ex BC, Van leaving last summer after 20 months, Jan just 2-3 weeks ago when BC went all Pro.


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