Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Wins for Boot Campers

Final judging of the Seventh Quark 9th Frantic Flash couldn't split Michael Hulme and David Prescott.

These were two very different stories and it was hard to pit one against the other. Interestingly when first marked they came out with identical scores of 111, a definite step clear of Lexie Fox's story "Moonlight" and well-clear of the rest of the field.

So it's a joint first prize to those two!

Lexie Fox's disappointment must have lasted about 30 seconds as she heard her story about a boy with CJD had won adult short-story of the year ($600) in "Killie". Lexie now has a full house this year, a first, a second, a third, one highly-recommended and a named finalist.

I just want her to do that every month!

Latest Figures

030 Stories
135 Story Critiques
117 Flashes
350 Flash Critiques
147 Submissions
026 Hits

048 Rejections
005 Paper Publications
015 Web Publications
020 Total Publications
004 First Prizes

001 Runner-Up Prizes
001 Third Prizes
006 4ths, HRs, Named Finalists
012 Total Prizes and Named Finals

$1,085 Payments*


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