Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Prompts

A couple of rules for today's prompts

They are numbered. For every odd prompt used you must use an even prompt as well.

Prompts in quotes are exact copies from poems

You can start (your first prompt) with any prompt, but subsequently you must work from top to bottom. That is, say you use prompt seven, your next prompt must be an even number 8 or higher. TRUST ME!

1. She sighed and smiled gently as she watched the video
2. A Friday in November
3. Only the legs and torsos
4. I will not complain. Am I visible or not?
5. He is asking her to marry him
6. A thin woman wrapped around her wine glass
7. He was a pretty good catch
8. Send in the clowns. There ought to be clowns
9. "She lights up when he comes in the room"
10. "Stop all the clocks, turn off the telephone"
11. Chick-flick
12. "Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone"
13. The radio blasting in the morning
14. Great jets slashing foam across the sky
15. Pillows over their heads
16. A crow alone, a branch in frost
17. Still heavy with slumber
18. A man with a bad back in fingerless gloves
19. Jeez, we're gonna be late!
20. She arrives in a simple sleeveless dress
21. She leapt out of bed, threw herself in the shower
22. Like Grendel prowling, like a heavy weight
23. That was the thing with Dave
24. "Toddling along from the Barbican"
25. She snuggled down again
26. I will always remember this bath
27. Happy to rest for a little while longer
28. In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
29. The next week passed uneventfully
30. There are two cities, one dead, one dying
31. A large Americano to go
32. "O rose thou art sick!"
33. A dozen new emails
34. No Blacks or Irish.
35. A woman runs in
36. He is exhausted, the pain is too much
37. Turn around, turn around!
38. Leaning against the stick bar
39. It was unsigned
40. Picture me, resplendent in my uniform
41. Drifting into the dark comfort of sleep
42. A lot of poems about lamps and fog
43. A lick and a promise
44. Let me count the ways and all that
45. Train crash
46. "The grey sea, the long black land"
47. She was looking forward to it.
48. Previous experience is preferred but not essential

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