Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prompts, Thursday, May 16

Here  are today's first set of writing prompts

Do let us know if you use our prompts and have publication success

The sins that may be committed

Just a small boy under a coconut tree

The women stay because that's how we do things

The lectures of old men

Miguel who loved a girl called Maria

To protest against all those who would deceive

I will not be made stone

And the edge of heaven was full

Turning pages slowly, looking for a word

Good looks were important then

My name is not Brecht

She contains cities and armies

The concrete forest

I will be friendly and polite

A hard hat and an open mind

To tread upon water

Towards evening, the last day of that month

In a grey light, in a world of grey

The vermin, the screeching birds

We sit down to eat at groaning tables

What will remain, what else will decay

And the windows and the doors will open

We are merely renting

There is nothing to talk about

The dark from inside her

He was born in Mississippi on the last day of July

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