Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Late/Wednesday Prompts

I want to drive home some late afternoon

Son on a Winter's Night a Hitchhiker

Past sweating hay and the smell of horses

The sun rises, falls, the tides return

I would like to see women apron-doored

My love escaped and I was thin

Or a man hood with pigs

Like walking in fog and whistling

Musical chairs and Isobel kissed me!

Lie down where the grass is dead

Bananas and poetry

Slowly, gently, the train clanks through


If you die first, do me a favour

From plank to plank

In February, turning the ground, ready for potatoes

Camels and strange birds

Shake hands, cancel the vows, kiss and go

Somewhere on the other side of night

That's the thing with accessories

A wagon waits, a steaming horse

Sometimes a woman is a prayer

An optimistic little story

Her handbag

The wind, the prison walls, the lights

And I have been acquainted with the dark

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