Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saturday Prompts


With his grisly urchin beside him

What could have happened, what should have

Come! The family will be there

He needed a name like Scruncher or Beezwottle

How the virus retreats

One good bottle. Once a month

And then I will be alone, with books

Rorke's Drift

A feeling in the bowel, the weight of trouble

In just such risings of fire

Beneath the paddle-steamer blades and in a froth of death

There was an unease in his face that mapped the uneasiness in his mind

He had decided to be magnanimous

She was quite ordinary but with a beautiful secret

A small wine bar with bare floors

He said nothing about America

Vicky started again; from the beginning

He had a thing - a bad thing - about clocks

It was a real place, all wood and gold and smells


He began crying even though that was her job

It was an impressive show of patience

It had worked for a long time, but now it didn't

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