Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Prompts Wednesday-Thursday, May 1st-2nd

Here I am now; old, empty, fraudulent

The first time he had seen her

A few chocolate eclairs


I wish sometimes I could get at my DNA

Cups clinked, someone coughed, then it was over

He began by trying to be nice

The workshop doesn't go that well but it goes.

A man who fell down a well

He suggests a small, pleasant cafe

For the rest of the day their exchanges are charged

He answers as truthfully as he can

They arrange to meet at high noon

He still teaches, he says, but everything is so-fucking-what

Perhaps he's too old to prance about in Lycra

They are hidden, sitting in shadow, giggling

There's a moon, half cloud-rubbed, half cliff-hidden

Your father might explain, if he could speak

Friday afternoon, very cold

The night winds down. A few people smoke.

Oh, Beth, my lover, try not to laugh

She blows her nose and wipes her face

There is nobody to meet the honoured guest

Warm gammon, wool chips, an egg from an ark chicken

They used to call me Snow White

Now I'm from the Staffordshire Smythes

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