Saturday, September 02, 2006

Stick This Lot With the Last Lot

I posted a load of prompts last night, expecting NOT to manage it this morning.

Use these too. How many prompts can you incorporate and still produce a serious story?

Don't laugh. I've won two first prizes in literary comps with flashes incorporating ALL the prompts.

Sometimes it just doesn't happen, or sometimes you use one or eight, but using prompts, keeping their "buzz" alive often takes you into that place where all the connections are amazing.

The Ipcress Files

Sliced Bread, Tea-Bags, Spreadable Butter

Lady (Dead) in a Cello Case

The Rollerscate Archipelago

Hum of Night, Song of Morning

A story beginning: "An Egg...
A story ending: "an egg.

Picnic in Dachau

Shoot the Monkey

Blossom & the Idea of Fairies


"Bollocks!" he thought as he started writing badly

Google "Wales Films"

How Many Exes in Sex?

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